What Is The Human Potentiality Project?

The Human Potentiality Project is a community to educate, motivate, and inspire individuals to reach beyond their self-limits to reach their greatest and fullest potential. When you reach higher places, you automatically have more compassion, empathy, and love for your fellow (wo)man. Human evolution is really an evolution (or return) to love.


A little over a year ago, while living in Los Angeles, I created The Human Potentiality Project, without a real understanding of exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I knew two things…

  1. I wanted to write a book that would make a real difference in people’s lives. I even created a YouTube video talking about some of its concepts (which you can watch below for some very vulnerable kicks).
  2. I wanted to get back to my roots of purposeful and real work in the world.

For a year I tried writing my empowerment book, only having my all-too-critical self chop it up into billions of pieces time and time again because it was never good enough.

I am sure we all know the over-critical self all too well.

But, instead of putting so much pressure on creating a book, I have created a writing platform (what you’re reading now) to write on the greatness within each of us, and the absolutely hard work it takes to finding, accepting, and owning it, all with balance and poise.

I am not at all where I want to be in my life, but that is the never-ending pursuit to greatness, and the never-ending pursuit to making oneself better. To give up on that, to accept some idea that we are now there, is to stop trying. Always a hard worker, I have created a place to notate my unwavering confidence of the goodness in people, and our abilities to effect people by the power of love and compassion.

I have chronicled a lot about my shortcomings because when I read books by my favorite authors, I love finding those moments in their writing where they admit they don’t believe in themselves, and they have doubts, and they get confused, and sometimes life is overwhelming for them, too. And from my perspective, that’s honestly most people. So consider yourself ahead of the game if you have a strong sense of HOPE, in yourself, and in life, because it’s a rarity. But it can be found, and it can change your circumstances in a flash.

So, to state what The Human Potentiality Project is, I am going to share the section for the “About Me” here on my blog.

The Human Potentiality Project is a community to educate, motivate, and inspire individuals to reach beyond their self-limits to reach their greatest and fullest potential. When you reach higher places, you automatically have more compassion, empathy, and love for your fellow (wo)man. Human evolution is really an evolution (or return) to love.

There is a hero that lies within each of us, waiting to be unleashed, with your permission. You’ve been taught to believe differently than that. Certainly the world has put you in your place and smashed you for trying to dare greatly. It is our ultimate purpose to help others see their heroic nature, so that they, too, can do the same for another.

This is a place to help encourage, and bring about an ability to shatter what the world has defined you as; to help you develop into who you are, with constructive love. We all have become barricaded with self-imposed limitations. We ultimately are solely responsible for our own pain and suffering, no matter how hard we object to it, using our minds against us to defeat our livelihood. We all know that life is full of suffering, but it is our duty (to ourselves and to others) to dig deep in overcoming our suffering; to put peace and love back into our hearts. I have always said we are in this thing called “life” together, and it is our job to help each other through it. This is just my small way of making my own contribution, however big or small it may come to be.

Perhaps The Human Potentiality Project will make a global difference in the lives of millions of people, providing empowerment programs, and millions of dollars to those in need. We can all dream. My dream has always been to use my own story as a reflection of what any one of us are capable of. I have fallen short of making the global impact I’ve always wanted; at least that’s the sob story I’ve told myself.

These days, I am more focused on making a smaller difference, focusing on a community of individuals that I can mentor, build, help coach, and simultaneously have them do the same for me. That is truly making a difference.

The Human Potentiality Project’s mission is to prove to myself and others that there is great, great good in this world, and that each of us, individually, can make an impact in our everyday communities, and maybe, just maybe, with lots of luck, leave our mark on the world by our unlimited belief in seeing the good in others.

The Human Potentiality’s Project’s mission is to find stories of every day people facing their fears; to motivate, encourage, and bring out heroism in all of us; to spawn people who challenge themselves in going after bold visions that have obscene obstacles, fighting for righteous and just causes, creating deep meaning and purpose in our everyday lives.

The focal causes The Human Potentiality Project will impact has the same anti-bullying theme I have personally adopted my whole life. The biggest starting point is transgender rights and equality. The Human Potentiality Project stands to make an impact to educate the world of how brave these men and women are for being themselves in a global society that paints these definitive boxes on who and what we should be. An example is if you are 6’4″ and 255 lbs like myself and the exuding masculinity and aggressive stereotypes, from a biological boy who has no identity to the social conformities of his sex, or an identity to his biological organs, let alone his sexual preference, if that changes, stays the same, or evolves. He should be accepted for all of these choices as brave and heroic for not compromising his self-integrity.

In the future, I hope my website can evolve into The Human Potentiality Project Foundation, a non-profit organization, to try and make an even greater and global impact in fighting and educating for causes, but also to create global empowerment programs for our youth, to try to help them tap into their own genius abilities by creating concepts in themselves that will affect them greatly and positively for the rest of their lives.

Cody Deal

The video below was published February 8, 2016.

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