Self-Mastery: Audio

Please listen to this 13-minute audio by playing the video below.

Embracing a concept of self so radical as such is the greatest key I have created in unlocking my fullest potential. We must remove these false concepts of self (our self-limits that were bestowed upon us intentionally or accidentally by people who had your best interest at heart, or maybe didn’t have your best interest at heart). The only limits in life are the limits and boundaries we have created ourself that are now so deeply engrained in us we believe them to be part of our identity. They are now our beliefs our ourself. What if I told you there was a way to remove all the muck, dirt, and ridicule you, yourself, have believed about YOU, and an ability to remove the ideas others have of you (which have nothing to do with you) and help you re-create and re-identify into a whole new radical version of yourself.


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